home again!

finally back home. that was the best tour we’ve ever done, but i am getting fucking old or something, because i was dead by the end of it. 

ive totally neglected all my blogs, and now twitter for the past week, but i will catch up asap. 


so,dre couldnt get in. that sucked. i miss that dude whenever he’s not there. but today was still one of the best days ever. yesterday beats it by a fraction, but hockey on a rink where i had three hat tricks, and then one of the best, most brutal workouts ever makes for an awesome day. and the show, as always, was amazing. midtown song with alex atl was great.

its crazy that were only a week in and its already the best tour ever. i love it.


this tour is the best fucking thing ever. thats all

more shit

as promised, im getting on here more. updated xsavedgex, updated fc blog, and now this. three twitters up and running as well. haha. what a waste. not sure what the different focuses will be. ill just pull it out of my ass as i go. today was fucking awesome (outside of the shit i said in xsavedgex). hung with jackie, had awesome vegan food and saw ‘i love you, man’. great movie. mix said he wasnt in love with it, but i loved it for what it was.

cant wait for us tour. itll be awesome. its been to fucking long since weve been out in the us for a proper tour. hope to see everyone there.

new blog

and just so everyone following me knows, i started a new blog at xsavedgex.blogspot.com. ill be posting there for mostly anarcho-savagist shit, and the like. stuff dealing with an anti-civ, anti-domestication critique and rewilding shit. so check that out. sorry im not on here enough. that will change.


havent posted on here in forever. im reupping though, so be on the look out. just sitting in kyles bed as they rip my room out and replace it with a new, better room for me to sleep in and never be at. haha. listening to c rayz walz new record. its aight. the new DOOM is fucking awesome. one more day home, and then half of friday, and im off to la and starting the us tour.

life is good right now.


sitting in the dressing room in orlando, and im just so exhausted from flying. didnt sleep much last night, because i saw ‘let the right one in’ late last night, then some comic reading… but im surviving. just saw our new video, and i love it. its different, and fun. i cant wait for everyone to see it. 

so, top 10 lists…they are in the works from all of fc, and they will be unveiled by the new year. this is always the hardest thing to compile, but its so much fun. brings you back to all the great pop culture moments of the year. 

thats all i got, but just wanted to update this fucking thing, since i never do

rotting in la

sitting around with nothing to do in my hotel room in la. the prop 8 protests are going on right outside of the hotel. you cant even get over to it from here, or you will get detained. but im fucking proud as hell theyre out there. i hope that disgusting piece of shit proposition gets repealed, or gotten rid of however it can. it makes me sick. we need to be out there doing whatever we can, until all of the things like this get turned around…and ultimately until civilization ends. so do what you can. get out participate in any way youre comfortable with. use whatever tools you have at hand, or can get your hands on. but lets end this charade that humanity has enacted for far too long. 


obama won. i cant even put into words how this makes me feel. the emotions that are rumbling around my brain and my body like an earthquake. it doesnt even make sense or truly register, the immensity of this fact. it honestly feels like a weight has been lifted. like a new day is here.

more in the fc blog. 

got the new macbook pro. pretty sick. its insane how they can transfer an entire computer’s info to another computer. its a huge fucking contradiction that i have all this technology, but as long as im living in this shit, ill have these few things to stay in touch with my loved ones, and to pass the time. and try to say some shit that will maybe help bring it down.